Saturday, 14 April 2018

Happy B'day Maa- MIxed Media layout!!!

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Today I am sharing a project that was completed in 3 hours to meet a deadline to surprise a important person in everyone's life. Yup!!! MOMMY

Mother's love is unlimited and never fades.
This order came in when a colleague of mine wanted to surprise her mum for her B'day. She asked me if could make something and I obviously couldn't say no to an opportunity to bring smile on her mum's face. So I was given a rough sketch as to what she was looking for. But yes one constraint was the time, I had to deliver this in 2 days time.
I worked on this project for maybe 3 hrs from scratch spread across 2 days and I am so happy with the outcome.
So a small walk-through of the project:
I started out with a 12X12 inch cardstock and primed it with gesso. I started next with adding in texture using modelling paste and stencils, also used various lindy's stamp gang sprays to color in the background. Printed and stacked the sentiment on carboard and used double sided tape to give it dimension. Space for a 6x4 inch photo was provided by a black photo mat measuring 6.25x4.25 inches which was again popped up with double sided tape for added dimension. Typographical quilling was done with gold edge quilling strips from Itsy Bitsy.Also added in a lot of Little Birdie Crafts flowers from Itsy bitsy to finish up the project.

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Monday, 2 April 2018

Ganesha Nameplque!!!

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Here's my signature style nameplaque yet again, but yeah time improves a lot of things and more I work on crafty projects the more I improve.

Story behind this project:This nameplaque was made for a lovely couple who were moving into their new house and wanted something unique to display their identity. They wanted it to be colorful (Pinks and blues), wanted Ganesha to be done with some elements of shimmer and shine and also wanted it to be glass framed so used a chipboard base as left a 1 inch rim around to accommodate the box frame. 

So I first made the base for the Ganesha using Shimmer Vellum sheet and paper cutting with shading using distress inks. Quilling techniques were used to finish the Ganesha. To add in the shimmer and shine components used self adhesive pearl chains, fake diamond stones, Viva decor Inka gold pastes and metal embellishments.This assembly was later added onto the left corner of the chipboard.

Next I moved onto the chipboard space where the names were to be written. The base was prepared with Gesso and mixed media techniques were used to complete the final background of the same. The names were then outlined and filled in with quilling techniques. Various paper,flowers from Itsy bitsy, 
metal, resin embellishments were added in to bring the project together. Accents of Viva decor INka gold pastes was also added to elements. The whole project was then given coats of diluted decoupage gloss glue. 

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Friday, 9 February 2018

Pictorial for Using stamps in jewelry- MUDRA Guest designer post

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I am a crafter who is always been proud of all the Indian Craft brands, one of them is Mudra by Varshitha Natrajan. They make high quality photopolymer stamps.

So when Varshitha asked if I could use their stamps and make my signature jhumkas and pendants, I was instantaneously ready and was happy about the opportunity given to me :)

So here's what I made for Mudra :)

Here's a link to the main post on the Mudra blog.

This is a pictorial so I will link the main blogpost on Mudra blog for you to hop in and read the process...

I hope you find this useful and try your hands at it :)

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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Red and black Combo!!!

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So I recently posted about the revamping of glitter jhumkas with the addition of heat embossing to them procedure. The response was totally encouraging.

This is a revamped version of the previously posted set feat. MUDRA stamp Henna elements designed by Pritesh!!!

This time around used red fairy dust glitter from Itsy Bitsy as the base, Heat embossed the stamps using Ranger Ink superfine black embossing powder. 

To accentuate the beauty of the set I added in dyed gold beads from A1 Craft, golden bails and studs from AJ Beads and Findings, Black rhinestone and ball chain from Teena Kg!!!

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Monday, 29 January 2018

Simple is best!!!

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When I first started making quilled jewelry I didnt venture much into making jhumkas.
But once I started making them I wanted to make something different than what was being done by others. Thus came in the Decoupage jhumkas. After lot of trial and error I was able to accomplish a fool proof procedure to get the dome right everytime I wanted.

Incorporation of various mixed media techniques into making the dome worked out very well and today I can proudly say that I am able to make the jhumka dome the way I want to with my developed technique.

Today I am sharing a snapshot of one of my recent creations. A simple version of hoop jhumka which has a plain dome adorned with a combination of rhinestone chains and ball chains. This is the simplest version of jhumka I have made after a long time.

So what's your take on these version of quilled jhumkas!!!

Leave your comments :)

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Thursday, 25 January 2018

Glitter and heat embossing technique combo!!!

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Taking the glitter jhumkas up a notch by using MUDRA craft stamps. 

This time I have used Henna elements stamps set which was desinged by PriteshI had a ball trying this set out. 

This is a quilled set. The base is coated with 2-3 layers of golden glitter (Fairy Dust) from Itsy Bitsy. Then I heat embossed one of the elements from the Henna elements stamp set onto the glitter base using superfine detail black Ranger Ink embossing powder. Finished the set off with high quality black beads from The Design CartA1 Craft- bead caps; AJ Beads and Findings for the Bail!!!

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Friday, 12 January 2018

Crackle effect jhumkas and beaded pendant:

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This order was quite specific. The outline was specific for the colours and the variant of jhumkas she would like.

The jhumkas are a signature variant crackle effect jhumkas.The base colour of the jhumkas is viva decor Inka gold in the colour Steel blue. The golden cracks add more detailing to the jhumkas.
Gold rhinestone chain, magenta and green ball chains dry brushed with Viva decor Inka gold- Gold paste finish the jhumkas. The peacock stud base is painted in to match the colours of the jhumka.

When this order came in, I knew I wanted to try the beautiful golden glass stones I had just procured. The glass stone didnt have a flat base but had some dimension, so I did try some ways to incorporate into the quilling dome base for the pendant and ended up with just the perfect way to incorporate them. The pendant is then finished with rows of blue, magenta and green ball chains. 

Finished with a golden rhinestone chain and strung with matching colour beads and gold dyed beads.
Ballchains and rhinestone chains from Teena Kg, dyed gold beads from A1 Craft, peacok studs and bail from AJ Beads and Findings, Glass stone from The Design Cart.

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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Engagement platter- 1st trail!!!

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Its always exciting to work on something new that you haven't tried out before. Its also scary at the same time as someone has put immense trust in you to make something amazing for them.
When this order came in I was in 2 minds as I hadn't worked on something like this before.
 So here's the ring platter I had done long time back. The outline was precise- They wanted ring boxes with glitter and a lot of flowers but not much in 3 D. 
So I made a simple one with a wooden frame measuring 16.5 x6.5 inches. Using washi tape from Itsy bitsy I outlined the whole of the frame. 

The washi tape used here has a golden rose outline throughout and has a smooth texture. The base of the frame is covered with gesso and texture paste to improve the detailing in the base. I used golden coloured pearls in 10mm, 8mm, 6mm widths to make the outline in the frame. Used ring boxes with red velvet base and wrapped them with golden sequin lace. 
Used multiple jute and mulberry flowers to cover the whole of the frame. The chipboard accents are covered in golden paste. Printed the quote and stamped their names using printer and stamps from my stash respectively. The flowers are from Itsy bitsy again. To finish off I added accents of viva decor inka gold paste.
This was the first time I did something of this sorts and love it totally. Thankyou Nalini mam for the order mam.
Do leave me some feedback. Would love to hear what u think of this project.

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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

DIY: Basic Shimmer Crush Glitter Jhumkas

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It's been quite sometime since I shared a tutorial with all of you.

Today I would like to share a project regarding “How To Make Basic Shimmer Crush Glitter Jhumkas.” which are always in trend to add glam to your fashion and stand unique everytime….This is for all who love traditional accessories. so lets begin with few steps on making jhumkas…

Materials required:
#Quilling strips (3mm or 5mm depending on your choice)(5–7 strips to make a dome)
#Quilling mold
#Quilling tools
#Tooth picks
#Itsy Bity’s Shimmer crush glitter (you could you any glitter powders you have)
#Itsy Bitsy’s decoupage gloss glue.
#Earring findings (as per your wish)
#Thermocol base
#Paint brush
Step.1: Roll togerther 7strips of 3mm quilling strips. Give it a dome shape using the quilling mold. Make sure the dome is smooth and doesn’t have ridges. Apply fevicol to the underside of the dome and let it dry.
Step.2: Once properly dried for 1 hour. Insert a toothpick to the underside of the dome so that you can hold it easily.
Step.3: Apply a coat of decoupage gloss glue and sprinkle a uniform layer of Summer crush glitter powder. Try to tap excess away as much as possible.
Step.4: Leave it to dry for 1 hour on the thermacoal base. Once dry use a paint brush and remove any loose particles of the glitter powder.
Step.5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 two more times for a good coverage.
Step.6: Once satisfied with the coverage, apply a uniform coat of decoupage gloss glue and let dry. Once dry apply a coat of varnish.
Step.7: Lastly add your earring findings to complete the jhumka.
Hope it was a simple method to follow.

Happy Crafting!!
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Pratyusha :)

Monday, 1 January 2018

Happy new year 2018 :)

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Welcoming 2018 with the release of Pratvam Progs calendar. Here's wishing all of you a very happy and prosperous new year!! Have a great year ahead!!! 
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This year I wish to share more of my projects and tutorials :)
Would also like to thanks everyone for all their support and love :)

Here are a few pics of my calendar and my mum releasing it :)

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Lots of love :)