Saturday, 12 April 2014

Double Recycle Can- The tutorial

This has been a long pending tutorial for almost 3 years now.
When I first made this in 2011 I had a lot of the crafters asking me for a tutorial but as I was in my 3rd year BDS at that time I couldn't find the time to share the tutorial as the steps involved couldn't be photographed properly. But now as I have a lot of free time waiting for my PGCET results I got the time that this tutorial deserved.
This is my first video tutorial so pls be patient with my talking :P :D
I will be putting in pics where ever I can but photographing a few steps was difficult so will be writing about the steps instead.

Hope you enjoy the tutorial.

Adding a picture tutorial as well, But some steps can be better understood in the video.
Materials required-

Quilling tools can be Bought at Craft universe


Step 1------ Cutting

    A)     Cutting of the top of the can- Use the jumbo cutter to cut the top of the can. Cut 2 cans in this way.

      B)      Cutting of the can into strips
a.       Can 1--- Mark 1cm using a ruler and marker all over the diameter of the can and taking these marks cut the can into strips.

b.      Can 2--- Mark 2mm using a ruler and marker all over the diameter of the can and taking these marks cut the can into strips.

Step 2----- Rolling of the strips

Can 1----Take one strip and bend it outwards forming a 90 degree angle to the can,  then using the needle to curve up the end of the same strip and roll it towards the center. Continue the same procedure for the rest of the strips. Once done with all the strips you can keep adjusting the strips to be on the level.

Can 2- First flatten the strips by pushing all the strips downwards using your palm. Alter flattening push each strip into the slot in the slotted tool and roll towards the center. Continue to do all the strips.

Step 3- Sticking of the cans

Apply fevibond to the bases of the cans and wait for approx. 2 mins and then press them together. At this step If u see any irregualrities in the Can 2- u can manipulate it with your fingers.

Final Product!!!

Depending on what cans you choose to do the project... Your end results will vary!!!

Hope you had no problem in following the tutorial. In case of any doubts feel free to ping me on Pratvam Progs.
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