Saturday, 13 August 2016


Hello Friends,
Pratyusha here with yet another project with Bob n Betty Decoupage Specialty papers.
Well, I got bored of using the papers same way!!! So I decided to give a trial run at using the gorgeous decoupage specialty papers for home décor purposes. Thus I came up with the idea of using it to make a cushion cover that could be utilized on day to day basis!!!
I am totally stoked by the gorgeous patterns that are being released in this Decoupage specialty papers series.
So here’s what I created!!!
Yup the trial did work out just perfect. Now this belongs to my mum as she is denying removing the cover and has been using it in our living room and flaunting it in front of everyone visiting our home. J
A little walkthrough about the procedure followed!!!
Like I did in my previous post where I transferred image onto a canvas cloth, this time I transferred the image onto a soft cloth following the same procedure stated before.
After the transfer Is done onto the cloth. Cut out the cloth so that you get just the pattern out.
Next select a fabric that matches the color of the image transferred cloth and get down to the sewing machine to get the image transferred cloth attached to the fabric.
As you know that I have basic sewing skills so I took help from my mum to make the cushion cover. This is a simple envelope cover for which tutorials are freely available online!!
And this is how the charming cushion is adding spark to my living room.
Hope you all like the project🙂

Thursday, 11 August 2016


Hello Folks,
Have you ever thought of giving a creative bend to your table placed at home? Why not add some fun element to your home by incorporating a décor scheme to your table? This idea enthralled me and I decided to use it in my project and ended up making the decoupage coasters to beautify the table appearance in my own creative way. The project reflects coasters which can be used as an exclusive home décor item.
For giving the perfect shape to the coaster, I used the gorgeous pattern papers collection of Bob n Betty, Floral Nymphs. The papers are beautiful amalgamation of vintage and vibrant flowers. It was the best choice for my project. There are so many elements which can be used giving a different dimension to the coaster.
The base is of MDF, which was coated with gesso. The pattern papers were cut into the shape a little larger than the MDF blank. I used decoupage matt glue to stick the cut out pattern paper onto the MDF blank. Once the glue was dry I used sandpaper to smooth the edges and remove the excess of the pattern paper from the sides. The sides of the MDF blank were painted with black and yellow acrylic colors.
I used co-coordinating colors of distress inks to give it a vintage look. I then gave 2 coats of decoupage gloss glue and then gave 1 coat of Varnish to seal the creation!!!!
Hope you too liked the outcome.
With Love

Friday, 5 August 2016

Waterproof challenge: Just Jhumkas!!!

Heya folks,

Recently, my brother challenged me if the jhumkas that I make can withstand the test of water. So here's a video proving to him and everybody like him who have doubts regarding the water resistance of the product!!!

Click on the link below to watch the video :)

Hope your doubts are all cleared now :)

Thanks for stopping by :)

Lots of love,