Sunday, 22 September 2013

Ganesha- The God of Education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth

When something as special as my graduation is the occasion, I couldn't resist but express my happiness and nearly 52 other graduands happiness by creatively seeking the blessing of The Divine... So came the thought to Quill something that I have never done before and thus Quilled - 'Ganesha (The God of Education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth)'
This quilled Ganesha took me 32 hrs to quill and I used more than 300 strips of paper for the same...
It was quilled to be given as a momento to the Chief guest who presides over the graduation ceremony...
I am happy with the way it has turned out to be after framing 

Friday, 23 August 2013

The yellow and black... the Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....................

This is a quick post as I am a bit busy with all the b'day celebrations going on :)
The colour combo this time I have used is yellow and black for making the butterfly... the first time i made it was for fun  and the second tym it was a request for a yellow coloured fridge... while making it and after making it the only thought I had and a few of my friends had was.... is there any butterfly of this colour for real :p

Entering this to itsy bitsy kids challege 

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

As the saying goes... RED AND WHITE READY TO FIGHT :)

With the Raksha Bandhan done... how can one forget those sweet fights and the endless running around your sibling... But at the end of the day you care about them the most no matter what the others say or think... the very thought of something that was done by you together can bring a smile on your face even in the saddest of moments...
As the saying goes... Red and white ready to fight which for me symbolizes the extremes of the variety in the color... white is pure and red is energizing... being so diverse and having their own qualities... when brought together the complement each other...

So for the The Itsy Bitsy 'For the Kids' Challenge I made a simple bracelet using red and white round plastic beads and some thick thread... the end product looks good :)

Entering this for the Itsy bitsy challenge.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Bead Story: Recycle Project

I Always love recycle projects. My mom has now decide not to call anything as waste at home. This will be my 2nd recycle project. The first recycle project I did was the Double recycle- the Red Bull can.

Now for the current project I am going to make of deodorant cans. Oh You must be thinking what I can make out of a deodorant can. Here's what I made with it :)

Here's a picture tutorial on how to make these gorgeous pair of earrings :)

Supplies needed :

  1. Deodorant can-2
  2. Knife (parent supervision if a kid is doing the project)
  3. Sandpaper- 1
  4. A thin needle- 1
  5. Seed beads red and blue
  6. hot glue gun
  7. 20 gauge wire
  8. Round nose and flat pliers 

Method :
  1. Use the knife to cut open the deodorant can.
  2. Remove the inner tubing from the can.
  3. Mark the tubing at 1/2 inch, 3/4th inch and 1 inch ( 2 times on 1 tubing).
  4. 4. Cut the tubing at the marked places to get 6 pieces ( 2 sizes of 3 different lengths).
  5. Sandpaper the ends of the cut tubing.
  6. Using a needle pierce through the center of each of the 6 pieces.
  7. Use the hot glue to close one of the ends of the cut and sandpapered tubing.

 8. Finish all the peices similarly
9. Arrange the red and blue seed beads alternatively
10. Fill the tubing with this alternating seed beads. The beads stay in place as one side is blocked by hot glue.
11. Use the hot glue now to fill the other open end of the tubing, thus sealing the tubing from both ends and beads in between them.
 12. Fill up all the 6 peices in similar fashion
13. Use a 20 gauge wire and round nose pliers to make a loop.
14. Push the red seed bead in and then the 1st 1/2 inch tubing, then push the blue seed bead and the 1st             3/4th tubing in, then push a red seed bead and then the 1st 1 inch tubing in: repeat the steps so that you         end up with 2nd 1/2 inch tubing.
15. End the earring with a red seed bead and make a loop at the end.
 16. Using the 20 gauge wire make the earring loop.
17. You can either leave the earring flat like in the above picture or add dimension by twisting the tubing. Add some feviquick to hold the twist.
18. Repeat the steps 3 to 17 to make the 2nd earring
And there you go you have your very own recycled earring with a twist :)
Hope you enjoyed the tutorial. This was the first time I ever made an attempt at writing a proper blogpost and tutorial. All the credit goes to Itsy bitsy for putting up a tough and innovative challenge.

Thankyou and look forward to you trying it out.

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The results were out on 7 aug and this tutorail made to the final :)