Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Indian Quilling Challenges- Design team work -V2


Hope everyone is doing great and enjoying their creative breaks like I am.
I am stealing time in between studies and preparing seminars to craft. So haven't been able to post much as well... So her it is the 2nd post that will have the next 3 design team member creation I made as the DT for 
the IQCG!!!

DT inspiration for the IQCG challenge 4- the challenge was 'Anything goes with the colour blue'.
So I recreated a set of mini notepads which has a front cover made with quilled flowers as the center piece.

 DT inspiration for IQCG challenge no 5- The theme was' Anything goes with geometrical shapes'.
So I made a pair of simple earrings. Used rectangles as my base shape and filled it using beehive technique. I used turquoise and hot pink coloured strips to give some contrast.

DT Inspiration for IQCG challenge no 6- The theme for this current challenge is 'Anything goes with Indian flag colours'

Here I have used a 5x7inch board canvas , painted it in peacock blue.This is the very first time that I have used a handwritten font. I was a bit hesistant to do it all this while but my mom was like do it... And voila here is the result.

I chose to quill the word inspire as a part of my canvas series. As the challenge was to use the Indian flag colors, I used white strips to outline the word and later fill it with beehive technique. Used orange color for the outline of peacock which is our national bird, used green for the leaves wishing for a greener tomorrow. Used green and dark blue for the feathers of the peacock. I really loved the outcome.

Hope you are inspired by this project as you have time till 31st August to enter this challenge.

Lots of love

Friday, 4 July 2014

Indian Quilling Challenges- My Design team work!!!

A recently opened group in Facebook by the name of Indian quilling challenges started with 2 challenges per month. This is one of the few challenges that is exclusively available to quillers in India!!!

We have already had 2 challenges and the 3rd one is on going now.
I will be sharing my work that I have done as a design team member that helps and inspires fellow quillers with ideas to take part in the contest!!!There are 2 challenges per month!!!

The 1st challenge started on 1st June. The theme was to create a CAS card!!! If you have been following me on Fb... you know that I had made a Cake card before too... you can have a look at it here.
 I made a simpler version of the card for this challenge to go with the theme!!!

As always made an outer envelope using the same base card... embellished it with pink ribbon and a handmade paper flower with a button at the center.
The main card is a simple one with a quilled cake that is decorated with pearl rhinestones. 

 The close up of the sentiment- Birthdays are nature's way of telling us to eat more cake. This is from fiskars sentiment stamp set.

The close up of the cake... Doesn't it look yummy :P

The second challenge started on 15 june. The theme was a create a standalone butterfly.
I chose to recreate butterfly that I had made earlier.
I really love the yellow and black combo for a butterfly so this was what I used to make the butterfly too.

The third challenge has just begun on 1st July. The them this time around is to create a quilled creation incorporating the alphabet 'A' in the creation... I made a nameplaque which was an order that was placed by a elder sister for her sister for her b'day... Co incidently I had done the same name a few months back and the customer wanted me to do something really very similar and gave me a whole lot of colours to work with!!!

If you are a quiller and would like to take part in these challenges.. You can drop by the blog here.

And here is another news... Suggestyaar has just gone live... so if you have ever used the services that Pratvam Progs has offered... I would love to here you out... just click on the comment section and leave your comments :)

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Swap Team Event 1

Having had all the free time for the past one month. I came up with an idea called the Swap Team in a group called Paper Quilling Jewelry on facebook.
Had nearly 40 participants in the event. Each participant was paired with another artist. They had nearly a months time to know the artist and learn from eachother. At the end of the swap each participants had to send their partner 2 pairs of earrings.

The event has officially ended today on the Fb event page. So here's me sharing what I made for my partner Janani and what Janani made for me!!!

This is gonna be a pic loaded post!!!
Janani is a quilling jewelry artist from Chennai who is a engineer taking a short break from work to pursue her craft interests. She is a sweet, bubbly and creative girl who likes to spread smiles and give surprises and that is coincidently her page on FB aswell... SURPRISES N SMILES....

So here's what I made for Janani

1) A royal pair of earrings to go with one of her attire's.
A combination of gold, red and orange which has co-ordinating stop studded into it!!!

 2) A pair of earrings in combination of teal and bright pink colours with co-ordinating stones and beads.

Now here's what Janani made for me.

1) The first pair was a design that I had sketched sometime ago and as Janani wanted a challenge this was the best way!!! I am really glad that the transition from Sketch to the this piece is really awesome... I am really flattered by her work!!!

2) A pair of rose dangle earrings!!!

3) And ofcourse a jhumka from her collection

So here's hoping we have a lot more events like this one...
Will be shifting this Swap Team event's to the PQJ blog... If you are interested you can drop by and become a follower there to get updates... The link to the blog- http://paperquillingjewelry.blogspot.in/

Lots of love 

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Typograhical quilling- B'day card!!!

A few days ago, I was again contacted to make a greeting card with typograhical quilling technique.
The customer wanted a simpler card than the last one and wanted it in pink colour and I had to deliver the order in 2 days time as it was a b'day present!!!

So here are the pics of the same!!!

The outer handmade envelope to enclose the card. Used Uptown girl word stamp and baby pink ribbon.

The front panel of the card with quilled name and flowers. Used distress inks and peals stickers. 

As its an easel card the front panel can stay put in its place.. Stamped the word celebrate from fiskars. Used felt flowers and rhinestones on the sides.

The inside of the card holds the pic of the B'day girl and a message from the customer which is printed on Vellum sheet that I bought at Itsy Bitsy.

Another view of the card.

The card was delivered in time to Mumbai and the b'day girl Himani loved the card a lot and the customer was fully satisfied.

The first version of the typographical quilled card was a international order that was delivered 2 months ago and was entered into itsy bitsy Monochromatic challenge... really happy to share that I won the challenge after being a finalist for 5 times at various challenges that was held by Itsy Bitsy!!

Monday, 2 June 2014

Pratvam Progs 1000 Fb likes contest Winners!!!

When I put up the challenge on 22nd April, I wasn't sure as to how many would participate. But as the challenge went on there were a lot of people asking me as to what I was looking for and how to go about the whole process. I even extended the deadline to 31st May coz of my MDS results and counselling.

I am pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm that people have shown towards this challenge. I have got 31 entries for the paper jewelry section and 11 entries for quillography section. I would like to thank each and everyone who participated in the contest.

Now heading over to the results section.
Me and my mom sat down and went through each and every entry that was posted. We surely did have a tough time deciding on the winners. So many projects each different from the other.

Category 1- Quilled Jewelry 
Having had 31 entries for this section- we had a tough time choosing the winner. Paper quilled Jewelry has recently become a craze among people and quillers alike. 

As there were a lot of entries We have 4 entries that made it to the final list and 1 winner.

1st lets see the projects of the 4 finalists(in no particular order).

Preethy Vijay- This is a Brilliant idea and good execution. Loved the way you have used beehive technique here.

Pendurthi Sharmila- Good design. Adding the pearls have made this piece stand out.

Shylaashree- A beautiful design and execution too!!! You take quilled Ram-leela earrings to a new level 


   Agnisha- Though its a simple design I love the colours used here and the photography is good which increases the beauty of the finished project!!!

Drumroll for the winner- Lavanya Nallamalli  
 As soon as my mom saw the earrings, she liked them she was like oh this is nice can I have them :D . The design and execution is good. But I wish the pictures were taken in a better way. 

None the less You are the winner of the Quilled Jewelry section and You have won yourself the prize that was already mentioned. Drop in on my Facebook page to select your pair of earrings and PM me your address too. Congratulations on the win :)
1) 5 Quilling strips packages- includes gold edged strips and graduated strips
2) Some charms in gold, bronze and silver (5 pairs)
3) 2 bunches of white pollens
4)Green seed beads
5)More than 15 pairs of assorted beads
6) And last but not the least you will get a chance to choose one
 of my creations from my FB page in the earring section.

Category 2-Quillography section

Had 11 entries for quillography section. So there are 2 entries that made it to the final list and 1 winnner.

Loved all the projects. I am actually blown away by the creativity that the artists had here.

So the 2 entries that made it to the final list in no particular order are
Agnisha- You had submitted 3 entries in this category and we had a tough time choosing between them itself. But at last chose this to be the best of the 3. I love the way the butterflies have been made and the colour scheme!!!

Minal Gungaliya- I had seen Ornamental quilling only on envelopes before this. Good use of colours and the font is good too!!!


Drumroll for the winner- Pritesh Ananth Krishnan
A total stunner. I have nothing to say except that its perfect!!!

Congratulations Pritesh on the win. You win the prize mentioned below.

1) 5 Quilling strips packages- Four 3mm and a 10mm packages
2) 10 handmade hand charms- 5 silver and 5 bronze
3) 10 magnets of 6mm radius
4) 6 nos of Tibetan silver bookmarks 
5) 5 nos of jumbo clips
6) A pack of red square rhinestones
7) And last but not the least you will get a chance to choose one
 of my creations from my FB page in the Mini Magnetic photoframe section.

Do PM me your address on FB :)

Here's thanking each and everyone of you for taking part. I loved seeing all the projects.Winners and Finalists do drop in a msg on fb to take your finalist badge.

Lots of love 
Pratyusha :)

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

1000+ Facebook Likes celebration contest

My page Pratvam Progs on facebook recently crossed 1000 likes. It was all so encouraging coz I had just returned back to crafting in february after my MDS exams got over.

Did some pretty good amount of work in the small time frame... A lot of orders and new products were launched in the same time.
As a token of love I am offering free shipping on products bought on my website www.pratvamprogs.com

When I won a Cute stamping bella set from Creativita and won the Hobby mela contest my mom wanted me to giveaway a gift too on my page... As we were thinking what it could be... Mom suddenly said 'Do a contest and whoever wins give them a prize'. So thus began the idea for the contest... I myself have entered into a lot of contests on various blogs... It quite fun and the feedback is really great!!!

So this will be the 1st contest that I will be hosting on the blog... Quite nervous I must say... when I posted on Fb regarding how many people would be interested, I got like 6 comments and 18 likes for the post within one hour.

As I have been quilling a lot lately the contest is bound to be paper related!!!
Have divided the contest into 2 categories.

1- Paper/Quilled Jewelry- Use paper crafting techniques to make earrings. The twist here is you will have to make the designs of the earrings first. I mean you need to get down to drawing the design and then make the earrings...and when you make your blogpost or if you enter from FB pls click 2 pictures, One pic with the sketch and one without the sketch.

Here is some inspiration and examples as to what I meant by drawing your designs. You don't need to be excellent at drawing... simple sketches will do :)

2- Typograhical quilling- In this category you can make quilled greeting card, quilled plaques, canvases,photoframes.... sky is the limit actually...The twist here again is that You will have to plan out atleast how you think the your final product will look. For quillography projects u can either design them on your PC or you can sketch them also...So again you will have to uplaod 2 pics to your blogpost or your FB album.
Few inspirations from my side!!!

Quilled card- This is an easel card with typographical work for the name!!!

Quilled canvas- this is a 4*4 inch canvas on which the work life has been quilled. The backside of the canvas has a magnet so it can be used as a fridge magnet

Quilled plaques- Name plaques or the personalised plaques!!!

Rules of the contest.
1)Like my FB page.
2)Share about this contest on FB. 
3) You can enter the contest upto 4 times. If you are entering for the 2nd time then please enter 2 next to ur name.
4) You can link the project to as many challenges as you wish to.
5) Last date to enter the contest is 25th May. No links in the comment box will be entertained. If there is any problem in linking your project you can contact me via Pratvam@ymail.com or oing me on my FB page and I will get back to you ASAP.
6)For Paper/Quilled jewelry- Pls follow the rules that are stated. Please click the pics as mentioned already in the post. If the pics do not meet the criteria mentioned you might be disqualified.
7)For quillography- Pls follow the rules that are stated. Please click the pics as mentioned already in the post. If the pics do not meet the criteria mentioned you might be disqualified.
8)If you win in one category, you will not be considered for winning the 2nd category, though you might be in the top 3 list.
9) The prizes will be shipped within India only.
10) If you don't have a blog, make an album on FB and make sure that the album is set to public!!!
11) No back-linking of entries is allowed... Your creations need to be created after the date this post was made that is 22nd April 2014