Wednesday, 21 August 2013

As the saying goes... RED AND WHITE READY TO FIGHT :)

With the Raksha Bandhan done... how can one forget those sweet fights and the endless running around your sibling... But at the end of the day you care about them the most no matter what the others say or think... the very thought of something that was done by you together can bring a smile on your face even in the saddest of moments...
As the saying goes... Red and white ready to fight which for me symbolizes the extremes of the variety in the color... white is pure and red is energizing... being so diverse and having their own qualities... when brought together the complement each other...

So for the The Itsy Bitsy 'For the Kids' Challenge I made a simple bracelet using red and white round plastic beads and some thick thread... the end product looks good :)

Entering this for the Itsy bitsy challenge.

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