Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Ganesha nameplaque- lost count :)

Heya folks,

How has everyone been?? Hope you have a great Christmas with friends and family.

Now coming to the project for today.
This was a name plaque I made for my senior in college. 
He wanted to gift something special for his fathers retirement. He chose the Ganesha nameplate. Though its been a long time since the ordered was delivered. I finally found the only pic I had clicked as this nameplate was an urgent order and was delivered in 2 days time. 

Thankyou Sivaji sir for the order. Hope it is well loved  This pic doesn't have the gold highlights that I usually put in as I had pulled in a all nighter to finish this one on time.

A little summary of the creation:
1) Mixed media techniques are used to make the background. Used elegant fronds stampset from justrite stamps and heat embossed partially with fine gold and violet embossing powders. Lindy's stamp gang sparys are used to introduce colours into the background. A script stamp is used which is stamped randomly.

2) The name's Anil and Sujatha printed and cut in cardstock and coloured. They were then outlined with teal and rose colour quilling strips respectively. The filling of the name's is again done using the crushed beehive technique. 

3) After which I went ahead with paper peicing and quilling the ganesha on a peice of vellum backed by a cardstock.
 4) once the ganesha was stuck in place. I pulled out my stash of flowers which includes both store bought ones and handmade ones. Also added in some metal embellsihments and laces to bring the whole scene together.

5) The whole finished project measures 18inches x 8.5 inches including the frame.  

3) After which I went ahead with paper peicing and quilling the ganesha on a peice of vellum backed by a cardstock.

 4) once the ganesha was stuck in place. I pulled out my stash of flowers which includes both store bought ones and handmade ones. Also added in some metal embellsihments and laces to bring the whole scene together.

5) The whole finished project measures 18 inches x 8.5 inches including the frame.  

So that was the project for today Hope you like it

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lots of love :)

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Decoupage keychains- 1st trial!!!

Heya folks...
I have been meaning to try my hands at something new. SO decided to make some simple decoupage key-chains.

The base is white leather and have used various German high quality tissue to do the decoupage. It also has some script stamping using stanzon jet black ink!! 

The design is on both sides and the collage shows just that :)

I gave a clear coat of varnish and voila the key-chains are waterproof and the designs wont fade away.
I made 3 different versions. Which one is ur favorite???

Hope you liked my new trial and a new product addition to Pratvam Progs.

Thanks for stopping by :)

Lots of love 


Thursday, 21 December 2017

Beaded Bookmarks!!

Heya folks,

There are times when you look at a raw material and think you will use it right after buying it, but sometimes they lie around you after buying them for a long time. One such product was the gold and silver bookmark inserts and charms. I am really happy that I got them, it was surely worth the investment.
Presenting to you Mini and jumbo versions of beaded bookmarks. 

This is a very simple project even the kids can do it under the supervision of an elder person.
The beaded version was made by stringing either using seed beads and bicone beads of different colours. They were strung using a tiger tail. 
Each mini bookmark has a cute charm at the end. The jumbo ones have 2 of them.

These were one of the bestsellers in the stall we recently kept at Bangalore Santhe!!!

Thanks for stopping by :)

Lots of love :)

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Plain and simple jhumkas- New improvements!!

Heya folks,

When I first started to make jhumkas I had started with the plain jhumkas. These jhumkas were the starting point for my decoupage jhumkas. This was when I worked up the technique to make the jhumka domes smoother.
Well I think I did a good job at that. What say? ;)
In case of these jhumkas, I directly painted the acrylic colours on the dome I made and was happy with the look back then. As time passed those lines of the dome that still could be seen made me cringe. So worked out some developments for the same.

While continuing to work on the decoupage jhumkas techniques, I recently started using monte marte modelling paste to make the stenciled jhumkas. So used the same paste to give 3 coats on quilled dome and Voila I got he plain jhumkas which are sturdy and the colour is more striking coz of the white base coats. These jhumkas are so simple to make and I am happy to share this tip :)

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Lots of love,

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Stall that was a hit :)

Heya folks,

On 17th August we had a stall at the Malleshwaram santhe in Bangalore.

Must thank my friends Meraj, ZaharNaina who helped me out with the stall. Met a lot of new people and got a lot of appreciations too for the handicrafts displayed. 

Last but not the least I would like to thank my mom who was there throughout the event. She was so proud and happy whenever some one would pass by and appreciate my work :)

Sharing a few pics we managed to click ;) 

In the stall we kept quilled diyas, envelops, alcohol ink coaters, mini and jumbo beaded bookmarks, decoupage keychains, quilled magnets, various jhumka variants and sets, mix media nameplaques, mix media porjects, decoupage penstands, tags and greeting cards.

The bestsellers were the Mini beaded bookmarks and ofcourse my signature variants of jhumkas  

P S- Pratvam Progs was the last stall to close sales in the event Would like to thank all the organisers and my friends once again 

Monday, 4 December 2017

Wrinkled effect jhumkas!!!

Heya folks,

I am surely not giving up on experimenting on different techniques and products available to make jhumkas.

Thus the new variant. 

This variant has the wrinkle effect and the wrinkles are accentuated by Viva decor Inka gold silver paste. I also used sqaure silver beads and silver ball chain to add into the beauty of the jhumka. These are paired with antique silver flower studs.

Thankyou for stopping by

Lots of  love

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Quilled stenciled jhumka variant!!!

Heya folks!!!

I always love to try out new techniques and when the trials give you results that you expected, you are totally floored!!!

So here's unveiling the new variant in quilled jhumkas- The Quilled Stenciled Jhumka variant!!!

So when I was on a long break.. I think those 7 months saw the Indian craft industry bloom with a lot of Indian manufacturers which makes me really proud..

I did buy a lot of craft supplies from various online stores. One of them were Made in India stencils by Indian manufactures CrafTangles... I did buy a lot of their stencils. 

So here's featuring their floral pattern stencil for a new variant in quilled jhumkas- The Quilled Stenciled Jhumkas. This was the first trial. Tried multiple techniques to get the impression on the jhumka and finally nailed it. 

Totally happy with the way these turned out. Happy to share them as well. Do leave me your comments on this one.. will surely try to incorporate more designing in the future ones but this is surely a start from something new.. So here it is 🤓 

Thanks for stopping by :)

Lots of love,

Friday, 4 August 2017

Nameplaque with stenciled background!!!

Heya folks!!!

Hope everyone is doing fine!!!

So here's another name-plaque customized as per customers needs. 
For the background I didn't want to leave it plain white so use Craftreat stencil Fluorish to cover up the whole background. The texture and the interest the added to the background is quite subtle and stands out. 
The quilling part for the letters uses the crushed beehive technique. 
To accentuate the letter used Viva Decor Inka gold- Gold and silver pastes. 
The blue flowers are made using Itsy Bitsy vellum quilling strips. The translucency of the flowers add to the grandeur. The stems are made using the spiralling technique. And the flowers also have a touch of inka gold.

Hope this has inspired you :)

Thanks for stopping by :)

Lots of love

Thursday, 3 August 2017

The evolution of heat embossed jhumkas!!!

Heya folks...

I have been on an extended break for preparing for my MDS exams. Its good to be back to crafting.

Ever since I went into making paper jewelry I always wanted to do something different rather follow the herd. I have always been the inquesitive type who loves to venture into areas where others haven't and trust me I just love it when all the trials give you a product that you can be proud of.

One such product that was created is the Heat embossed jhumkas. It has evolved from the simple flower that was embossed on the quilled dome to a complicated pattern to a pattern where one can add in colours to the embossed areas.

This post is dedicated to that very evolution!!!

1) The simple flowers- Used Avery Elle cupcake stampset flowers here!!!

2) The elegant fronds- Just rite stamp used here!!! You can read more about it here!!

3) The multicoloured flowers- Used Mudra stamps- linen bloom stampset for the outline of flowers!!! Read more here!!!

Thankyou for stopping by :)

Thursday, 23 March 2017

A quirky pair of shoes feat. Bobnbetty papers!!!

Pratyusha here with a super quirky project this time, after all its made from the latest minion themed papers released by Bob n Betty 🙂
The moment I layed my eyes on these, I knew I wanted to make a wearable pair of shoes. I wear shoes most of the time to college as well so had an extra pair, which I haven’t used at all. So decided that this time I should make Minion Inspired shoes for myself.
The procedure is as follows:
1) I primed the canvas shoe with a coat of gesso.
2) Gave a base coat of Cadmium Yellow.
3) From the paper pack I cut out minions in different sizes and use decoupage matt glue to glue them to the sides of the canvas shoe.
4) For the tongue of the canvas shoe I cut out the pattern from the paper pack with blue background and yellow polka dots. I didn’t have to do much work here as the papers themselves have a lot of depth. I pasted the pattern again using decoupage matt glue.
5) Once everything was dry used Ochre yellow to put in some highlights.
6) Added black paint to accentuate the design and let everything dry overnight.
7) Gave a coat of water based varnish and let it dry
And tadaa…my own pair of decoupaged Minion shoes is ready to flaunt!!! I already wore it to a small party 🙂
Quite a quirky pair I would say!!!

Thursday, 9 March 2017

My first ever Mini album Feat. Bobnbetty papers

Heya Lovelies,
Pratyusha here, with a brand new project with Bob n Betty’s Valentine release “No One But You”. Well, these papers are so apt for scrapbooking that I too finally jumped in that zone. Being a first-timer, I didn’t have to struggle much as the papers do half of your job, they are so complete in themselves that you hardly need to use stamps or stencils to give volume to your layouts.
Now comes the tricky part, the album construction….phew..!
This album measures 4x6inches. As I am entirely new to the album making, I wanted to try out something very basic.
The outer cover is made from red cardstock of 220gsm. I layered elements from the diecut sheet (included in the collection). Used a chipboard frame that was heat embossed to match the red cardstock to add some sparkle!!!
The inner pages are pretty much simple. I made 8 pages in total. Few pages have pockets that could hold tags which were again cut from the die cut sheet in No one but you collection.
I added the papers as desired and chipboard elements to brighten up the scene!!
I am sure to develop more skills in album making in future to bring in more zing to this aspect 🙂
Much Love

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Butterfly earrings with a recycle twist!!!

Heya Friends!!
Well, this time I’ve created a pair of earrings using the Bob N Betty Coral cluster paper pack and Red Bull cans!!!
The earrings are lightweight and look elegant.
A small walk through of the steps.
1) I selected a pattern paper of my choice from the Coral Cluster collection. Using my Martha Stewart punch, I punched out the butterflies multiple times.
2) I used the butterfly punch to punch out butterflies from the red bull can as well.
3) Seal the pattern paper butterflies with varnish and let dry.
4) Sandwich one red bull can butterfly (big) punch out between 2 pattern paper butterflies (big) and punch holes in the opposite side of the wings. Take 1 small pattern paper and 1 small red bull can butterfly and shape them accordingly and glue it to the bigger butterflies in the center!!!
5) Once assembled, put in jump rings to connect the butterflies as shown in the pic and add in the findings.
In the similar manner you can make curtain strings or wind chimes too 🙂
Hope you enjoy the project and try it out.
Much Love