Friday, 12 January 2018

Crackle effect jhumkas and beaded pendant:

Heya folks,

This order was quite specific. The outline was specific for the colours and the variant of jhumkas she would like.

The jhumkas are a signature variant crackle effect jhumkas.The base colour of the jhumkas is viva decor Inka gold in the colour Steel blue. The golden cracks add more detailing to the jhumkas.
Gold rhinestone chain, magenta and green ball chains dry brushed with Viva decor Inka gold- Gold paste finish the jhumkas. The peacock stud base is painted in to match the colours of the jhumka.

When this order came in, I knew I wanted to try the beautiful golden glass stones I had just procured. The glass stone didnt have a flat base but had some dimension, so I did try some ways to incorporate into the quilling dome base for the pendant and ended up with just the perfect way to incorporate them. The pendant is then finished with rows of blue, magenta and green ball chains. 

Finished with a golden rhinestone chain and strung with matching colour beads and gold dyed beads.
Ballchains and rhinestone chains from Teena Kg, dyed gold beads from A1 Craft, peacok studs and bail from AJ Beads and Findings, Glass stone from The Design Cart.

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