Saturday, 5 August 2017

Quilled stenciled jhumka variant!!!

Heya folks!!!

I always love to try out new techniques and when the trials give you results that you expected, you are totally floored!!!

So here's unveiling the new variant in quilled jhumkas- The Quilled Stenciled Jhumka variant!!!

So when I was on a long break.. I think those 7 months saw the Indian craft industry bloom with a lot of Indian manufacturers which makes me really proud..

I did buy a lot of craft supplies from various online stores. One of them were Made in India stencils by Indian manufactures CrafTangles... I did buy a lot of their stencils. 

So here's featuring their floral pattern stencil for a new variant in quilled jhumkas- The Quilled Stenciled Jhumkas. This was the first trial. Tried multiple techniques to get the impression on the jhumka and finally nailed it. 

Totally happy with the way these turned out. Happy to share them as well. Do leave me your comments on this one.. will surely try to incorporate more designing in the future ones but this is surely a start from something new.. So here it is 🤓 

Thanks for stopping by :)

Lots of love,

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