Thursday, 3 August 2017

The evolution of heat embossed jhumkas!!!

Heya folks...

I have been on an extended break for preparing for my MDS exams. Its good to be back to crafting.

Ever since I went into making paper jewelry I always wanted to do something different rather follow the herd. I have always been the inquesitive type who loves to venture into areas where others haven't and trust me I just love it when all the trials give you a product that you can be proud of.

One such product that was created is the Heat embossed jhumkas. It has evolved from the simple flower that was embossed on the quilled dome to a complicated pattern to a pattern where one can add in colours to the embossed areas.

This post is dedicated to that very evolution!!!

1) The simple flowers- Used Avery Elle cupcake stampset flowers here!!!

2) The elegant fronds- Just rite stamp used here!!! You can read more about it here!!

3) The multicoloured flowers- Used Mudra stamps- linen bloom stampset for the outline of flowers!!! Read more here!!!

Thankyou for stopping by :)

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