Thursday, 19 June 2014

Swap Team Event 1

Having had all the free time for the past one month. I came up with an idea called the Swap Team in a group called Paper Quilling Jewelry on facebook.
Had nearly 40 participants in the event. Each participant was paired with another artist. They had nearly a months time to know the artist and learn from eachother. At the end of the swap each participants had to send their partner 2 pairs of earrings.

The event has officially ended today on the Fb event page. So here's me sharing what I made for my partner Janani and what Janani made for me!!!

This is gonna be a pic loaded post!!!
Janani is a quilling jewelry artist from Chennai who is a engineer taking a short break from work to pursue her craft interests. She is a sweet, bubbly and creative girl who likes to spread smiles and give surprises and that is coincidently her page on FB aswell... SURPRISES N SMILES....

So here's what I made for Janani

1) A royal pair of earrings to go with one of her attire's.
A combination of gold, red and orange which has co-ordinating stop studded into it!!!

 2) A pair of earrings in combination of teal and bright pink colours with co-ordinating stones and beads.

Now here's what Janani made for me.

1) The first pair was a design that I had sketched sometime ago and as Janani wanted a challenge this was the best way!!! I am really glad that the transition from Sketch to the this piece is really awesome... I am really flattered by her work!!!

2) A pair of rose dangle earrings!!!

3) And ofcourse a jhumka from her collection

So here's hoping we have a lot more events like this one...
Will be shifting this Swap Team event's to the PQJ blog... If you are interested you can drop by and become a follower there to get updates... The link to the blog-

Lots of love 

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